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With multiple options to write flood insurance, it’s important you have a general agent you can count on to not only keep you better informed, but also to provide your clients the best flood insurance choices.
National Flood Insurance is a nationwide flood insurance agency that works with other insurance agents and brokers to place flood coverage for insureds in all 50 states.

Become an Appointed Agent

If you are an insurance agent that would like to conduct business with National Flood Insurance, you will need to become appointed with our agency.

Please fill out the form below. Once completed, return to National Flood Insurance via email, fax or mail.  

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Already a Partner? Making Your Job Easier, One Policy at a Time 

When discussing flood insurance with your customers, there are several important points to share. This can make selling flood insurance a little challenging and to be honest, a bit tedious. 

In addition to offering coverage through the NFIP, National Flood Insurance provides your customer's coverage and premium options through over ten private carriers. This allows you to not only save time but also receive (and keep) your well-earned commission when you write their policies through National Flood Insurance. 

Insurance is about trust and your clients trust you. Therefore, trust National Flood Insurance to give you the information and solutions needed to keep your clients protected.

You Can Count on Us

Competitive Premiums and Coverage

Higher limits up to $10 million,
loss of use and replacement
cost coverage available.  

Improved Knowledge

Up-to-date resources and tools needed to
help you sell to new and existing
clients in low-, moderate-, and high-risk areas.  

Better Commission Structure

Eight to 15 percent commission for the
duration of the policy. We write the policy.
You make the commission. Easy as that! 

Direct Access

NFIP and Private Carrier
policy options for your customers.  

Flood Zone Determination

Determining a property's flood
zone is quick, easy and free.

Online Quoting

Simple, quick and accurate process
on your client's behalf.

What We Need From You

Let us help you find the right type of coverage for your clients.
It's a quick and easy process. However, we will need a 
few pieces of information.

Access Numerous FEMA Flood Insurance Policies and Private Carriers





Cat Coverage



Clearwater Underwriters

Flood Risk Solutions




Lloyd's of London


NFS Edge


Sterling Surplus

Superior Flood


Trusted Flood


Wright Flood

Dedicated to Help You Sell
Whether newly appointed or parntering with us for years, we help ensure your clients get
the knowledge, coverage, and competitive premiums they need
while you receive the commission you deserve.